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The Perfect Scam

Jul 21, 2023

In this 2019 episode, Debra is a divorced mother and ballroom dancer who travels between her home in Florida and her boyfriend’s home in New York City, where she trains with her dance partner. When Debra loses her part-time job in New York and breaks up with her boyfriend on the same day, she’s distraught. Without the extra income from her job and a place to stay with her boyfriend, Debra knows she’ll have to quit ballroom dancing — even though she and her partner have been climbing the ranks on the Pro-Am circuit. During a walk in Greenwich Village, Debra sees a psychic shop she’s often passed by before and decides to stop in, hoping to find answers. Instead of finding answers, Debra finds herself in a five-year odyssey, desperately trying to find justice and trying to get back $28,000 that was stolen from her.