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The Perfect Scam

May 10, 2019

The man known to Washington’s elite and powerful politicians as Captain Bobby Thompson has disappeared. Due to an investigation by a Florida-based journalist, it’s been revealed that Thompson’s charity, the US Navy Veterans Association, is an elaborate scam. For years this charity has fraudulently collected millions of dollars under the guise of supporting military veterans. Rather than face up to his crimes, when a warrant is issued for his arrest, Thompson goes on the run. U.S. marshals are hot on his trail, but with more than 19 fake ids, Thompson is a hard man to catch. Every time authorities close in on him he proves to be one step ahead of them. Nearly two years go by, but law enforcement refuses to give up the chase. Finally, in 2012, a man going by the name of Don Morrissette shows up in Portland. He rents a room in a boarding house and claims to be a consultant for Boeing but spends his days at a local bar. It’s in this bar that U.S. marshals catch up with Bobby Thompson.