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The Perfect Scam

Dec 27, 2019

TPS Ep 53 – Description
Maurine is enjoying the Atlantic City boardwalk with a friend when a young woman approaches her. The woman introduces herself as Savannah and offers to give Maurine a psychic reading. Figuring it will cost her just a few dollars, Maurine takes her up on the offer. Savannah takes Maurine back to her shop. During the reading she picks up on many of the troubles Maurine is facing in her personal life. Having gained Maurine’s trust, Savannah offers her various items for sale in the shop, promising that they will solve her problems. Maurine chooses a few things within her budget to purchase and starts to leave. But Savannah’s not done with her yet. She gives Maurine her phone number with an offer to continue to help her. It all seems innocent to Maurine, but this chance encounter with a boardwalk psychic will morph into a long, complex relationship that will leave her nearly broke.